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Real Estate Glossary

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A private, legal restriction on thc use of land, recorded in the land records.

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Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment

Usually inserted in leases or conveyances whereby landlord or grantor promises that the tenant or grantee shall enjoy possession of the premises in peace and quiet without disturbance.

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Certified Property Manager.

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Counselor of Real Estate.

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Cumulative Discount Rate

A discount factor applied to the rental rate that takes into effect all landlord lease concessions expressed as a percentage of base rent.

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Transfer of property from private to public ownership.

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Generally, a conveyancing instrument given by the seller to pass fee title to property upon sale.

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Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

A deed given by an owner/borrower to a lender to prevent the lender from bringing foreclosure proceedings.

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Deed of Trust

An instrument securing a loan that is used in many states in place of a mortgage. Property is transferred to a trustee by the borrower (trustor), in favor of the lender (beneficiary), and re-conveyed to the borrower upon payment in full.

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The general failure to perform a promised task or to pay an obligation when due. Some specific examples are: (i) Failure to make a payment of principal or interest or other type of financial obligation when due. (ii) The breach or future to perform any of the terms of a note or the covenants of a mortgage or deed of trust.

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Deficiency Judgment

Commonly, the amount for which the borrower is personally liable on a note and mortgage if the foreclosure sale does not bring enough to cover the amount owed. Actually, the judgment is for the total amount of the obligation and not for the deficiency. Any recoveries from a foreclosure sale are deducted from the judgment.

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Delivered Buildings

Buildings that have completed construction and are ready for tenant build-out. May or may not yet have a Certificate of Occupancy.

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Demising Walls

The boundaries that separate a tenant's space from another tenant's space and from a public corridor.

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Number of dwelling units divided by the gross acreage being developed.

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(1) Decrease in the usefulness, and therefore value, of real property improvements or other assets caused by deterioration or obsolescence. (ii) A loss in value as an accounting procedure to use as a deduction for income tax purposes.

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