Online Services FAQ

What is HFconnect online service provided by Hanford · Freund & Company? 

Hanford · Freund & Company’s HFconnect online services feature allows you to make a non-emergency service request online through our website at any time of the day or night.  You can be assured that your request will be promptly directed to the person in our firm responsible for handling the specific service.  Moreover, you will have the ability to log-in to the site at any time to view the up-to-the-minute status of your service request.  Because the site is password-protected, requests are handled with the utmost confidentiality. 


You can use HFconnect for things such as:

  • Repair and maintenance requests
  • Report problems in your building
  • Notify us of changes to your contact information
  • Account inquiries


How do I sign up for HFconnect?

To sign up for HFconnect, simply follow these three easy steps:

  • Complete and submit the Online Services Application located in the Online Services section of our website using the information contained in your monthly statement or coupon.  Once we have verified your information, we will send you a username and password by email.
  • Log in to, and click on Online Service Request in the Online Services menu. 
  • Read the terms and conditions, click the box at the bottom of the page, and click Agree to Terms and Conditions.


Can I change my password?

You may change your password at any time prior to logging in, by clicking on the Forgot Your User Name or Forgot your Password links.  Usernames are tied to your residency and cannot be changed.


How can I check on the status of my request? 

Your request will be updated as it progresses to completion.  You can check the status of your request at any time by logging in to our website,, and clicking My Tickets in the Online Services menu.  Tickets are identified as “Received” when we have received them.  Once the first action is taken on the ticket, the status is moved to “In Progress”.  Once the service request is completed, the status is changed to “Closed”.

You will also be notified by email of any change in status from the time the request is made until it is completed.


Can I check on the status of a past request made “offline” prior to the launch of the HFconnect?

No. For the time being, you will only be able to check the status of those requests made online.


Can I report emergencies and request services on an emergency basis through HFconnect?

NO!!  Life and safety emergencies should always be reported first to the appropriate government agencysuch as the Fire Department, Police Department, etc., or to the “911” system operator.  Other non-life and safety emergencies should be reported to us by telephone.


Can I still make non-emergency service requests by other means? 

Of course!  Our HFconnect online services are provided as a convenience only.  You can still direct your request to us by other means, such as mail, fax, email, and telephone.  Click here to view our contact information.


Is the information I submit in HFconnect confidential?

Yes.  A unique and confidential user identification and password is issued to you when you sign up.  It can be used to log in when you use HFconnect.  Access to this information is available only to authorized Hanford · Freund and Company personnel, and no one else can access your data without this information.


Is there any charge for using HFconnect


No!  The service is provided free to residents and homeowners of properties managed by Hanford · Freund & Company.

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