Owner of a 31 unit Russian Hill Apartment Building

"(Our property manager) is without a doubt the best property manager in the business, and you and I are very fortunate in having her work for us. She keeps the costs down for me and at the same time satisfies the tenant when requested...I have had your company, Hanford Freund & Company, manage my building for the past 10 months, and I'm extremely pleased with your performance...I would like to personally thank you for a job well done."

Owner of a 12 unit Sunset District Apartment Building
"I want to tell you how happy I am with our Property Manager…She always returns calls and keeps the building in good condition."

President of a Pacific Heights cooperative
"We would like to express to you our great appreciation of (Hanford · Freund & Company's) services and performance."

Representative of the owner of a large commercial portfolio
"(He wishes to express) his appreciation for the fine job done by your firm in managing his trust's real estate portfolio over many years. The efforts of you and your staff were consistently attentive and reliable. I wish you and Hanford Freund the very best and hope we may work together again in the future."

Art Gallery Owner/Tenant
"You are a building manager that gets things done. Tenants certainly appreciate that. I do."

President of a Pacific Heights cooperative
"At our annual meeting, the shareholders of The Heights assigned me the most pleasurable task. It is to inform you that (Hanford · Freund & Company) is doing an outstanding job as our property manager."

General Partner of Nob Hill apartment building
"Of all my business relationships in San Francisco, the one with Hanford · Freund & Company has been (the most) pleasant, productive and successful. My apartment buildings have always been looked after in a first class and professional manner. When things had to be done, they were done. As an absentee owner, I was always secure in knowing that the buildings were being cared for as well, if not better, than if I had done it myself. You and the organization have my deepest personal appreciation and professional good thoughts."

An appreciative tenant
"These past three years have been an immense improvement in building maintenance and tenant relations....Not since the days when we had a Resident Manager has the building been maintained as efficiently and the tenants treated so courteously.  Thank you."

Owner of 3 San Francisco industrial properties
"This is to let you know how much I appreciate your handling of the leases on my properties. While these outstanding rents may be partly due to the recent good economy, a good deal of it has to be a result of your careful screening for the most suitable tenants and your skill in negotiating such good terms with them."

Shareholders of a satisfied Nob Hill cooperative
"We are writing…. to express our conviction of the importance of continuing this relationship with Hanford ·Freund & Company. Before Hanford-Freund & Company became our managers, we were not well served by our prior management company. The advice we received pointed in the direction of Hanford · Freund & Company as the leading property management firm in San Francisco. We believe that our investment and well-being have been well served by Hanford · Freund & Company."

A Director of a Pacific Heights condominium association
"We're fortunate to have you working our property - you do a great job of staying on top of all the details! Thank you!"

A grateful resident
"Thanks for…your excellent service to Jackson Towers."

Directors of a Russian Hill condominium association
"We, the undersigned Board of Directors of the XXXX Leavenworth Homeowners Association, are writing to express our appreciation of the outstanding work that our Property Manager has performed on behalf of our building."

President of a Russian Hill HOA about referring Hanford · Freund & Company
to another building
"I wanted you to know that I recommended your company to the Board of Directors at Pacific Heights Place."

President of a Nob Hill condominium association
"Boy, do I appreciate you."

Tenant of an Upper Market Apartment Building
"I have been very happy during my time in the building, and wish to thank you personally for the amount of attention that you paid to me....I appreciated your attention to detail, and that I could rely on you when something needed to get done. Thank you for being a great manager..."

Secretary of a Nob Hill Cooperative
"I am writing this note on behalf of all the owners at XXXX Sacramento Street. We want you to know how much we appreciate the excellent service we have received from our property manager. She is efficient, effective and unfailingly courteous. She is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to a long association. Thank you again for the exceptional service."

Shareholder of a San Francisco cooperative
"I wanted to pass on a compliment my Realtor paid you. He said that you were the most professional and nicest property manager he had ever dealt with. I have not had the opportunity to work with many property managers, but I would defintely agree with (him) based on my limited experience. I'm so glad that (we) found you and Hanford-Freund!"

General Partner of a Retail Shopping Center in the north Bay Area
"I wish to thank you and your staff for the many years of management service you have provided to the partners of R___ P___ Investment Company. Of particular note, I wish to commend (our Property Manager), who has consistently gone the extra mile to accommodate our needs. I am truly going to miss his pleasant and eager attitude of service"

Director of Homeowner Association in SOMA
"You are VERY good!" 

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