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Real Estate Glossary

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Improved Value

An appraisal term that encompasses the total value of land and improvements rather than the separate values of each.

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Generally, the term refers to buildings, but may include any permanent structure or other development, such as a street, utilities, etc. Also "On-Site Improvements."

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Indirect Costs

Development costs other than direct material or direct labor costs, including administrative and office expenses, financing costs and property taxes.

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When referring to a market of office or industrial space, the total amount of rentable square feet of existing and delivered space in a given category, for example, prime office space. Inventory refers to all space within a certain proscribed market without regard to its availability or condition, and can include both office and flex warehouse space.

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Involuntary Conveyance

An involuntary transfer of real property without the consent of the owner, such as by a divorce decree, condemnation, etc.

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